Friday, March 25, 2011

My First "Stylish Blogger" Award!

I would like to thank Pikes Peak Pillow Company for presenting me with my first stylish blogger award! I feel very honored and blessed for being  recognized. Thank you, Terri!
 The rules for accepting this award are:  
1.) Give thanks to the person who gave you the award, and link back to them
2.) Mention 7 facts about yourself
3.) Pass it on

Here are 7 Facts About Me:
1. I just got married last June. My husband is obnoxious and crazy and I love him for it!
2.  I am a graphic designer and work at a hospital. I love my job and the people I work with - its been such a blessing!
3.  I am a part of a church that my dad pastor's over, and I am ever so greatful for it! More importantly, I love my Lord and Savior and  live my life for Him.
4.  My husband got into biking last year. I almost fainted when he told me how much the bike that he wanted to buy was! But now I just bought a bike as well, and although I've only had it a few weeks I am already loving it! 
5.  I went to South Africa almost two years ago, and will be going back soon with my husband - My heart holds a special place for Africa and for the people there that need the Lord.
6.  Right now I am totally addicted to chocolate pudding with whip cream and oreos on top. I feel like a pregnant lady with cravings - but I promise I'm not pregnant!
7.  I start Farrels (a weight loss program) tomorrow and I have to run the mile outside. Right now it is SNOWING! But, my husband recently participated in Farrels as well and I am determined to beat his time in the mile (rain, snow or shine), ha!
I am very excited about giving this award to two other people! Here are my picks. They are fabulous bloggers! Check them out! 1) Mattie's Social Circle   2)Maison Elevenses  
Again, thank you, Terri! This has been a lot of fun!  

Kristin/202 Designs


  1. Kristin,
    I knew in my heart you deserved this award. You are an extraordinary person! Congrats on being newlyweds! How exciting! I am also glad you shared your Christian background. I am also a Christian and pray everyday, keeping God first in my life. It makes life so much easier and happier, doesn't it? That is amazing you went to South Africa! Bless you and everyone around you! :)Terri

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