Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Etsy Shop: Rose Mary's Glass Art

What will I find in your shop: I love working with glass, and my Etsy shop features items I've handmade in my studio (actually it's just my garage that no longer has room for any cars). I use powdered glass frit and pressed plant leaves to make my fused glass plates. I also have glass votives that are so beautiful when lit, decorative wall vases, crosses, business card holders. I am working on dichroic pendants and will have those in my shop very soon. My favorite glass items are my lampwork beads. They are so exciting to make, and opening the annealing kiln the following morning is like Christmas morning! My favorite glass is the silver glass from Double Helix. I have sets of beads in my shop now that are made with transparent blue glass and Triton silver glass. The silver glass becomes metallic when reduced in the flame. Magical! I also have bracelets made from my handmade beads and they are connected with sterling silver wire wrapping.

How did your shop start up: I opened my shop after a gallery where I sold my work closed. I also was encouraged by my friend who has an Etsy shop. It was an interesting experience, especially taking the five photographs for each item. I finally got a new camera and macro lens that made my life so much easier. This is an exciting venture for me and my few sales since opening in January are encouraging. The support from other Etsy sellers is also so welcome and unbelievable.

What is your favorite item: My favorite item in my shop has to be the set of beads made with Triton silver glass and transparent blue that I mentioned above. I love the square "pillow" beads and round "lentils" that are made with a metal press. The beads are beautiful.

What is your favorite etsy shop:  My favorite Etsy shop? How can I pick one? As I am a "newbie", I have not had much time to explore the world of Etsy, but I have a few favorites featured in my shop. I just ordered a necklace from wearableartbyjude and it is lovely. She takes photographs and uses them in her jewelry. The photograph in the necklace I purchased was taken in the U.P. of Michigan, where I grew up. How special is that?


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me on your wonderful blog! It has certainly made my day ... my week .... my month ...

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