Friday, March 18, 2011

Etsy Shop: DM Designs

What will I find in your shop? My shop features a fairly wide assortment of items including magnets, drink trinkets, baby blocks, and paintings. I love creating custom and personalized work and am always up for new projects. To date, my largest request has been for personalized artwork for nurseries. Simply let me know the theme or bedding, and I will create a painting with the child's name to match! They make excellent baby shower gifts! 

How did you come about opening your shop? I actually toyed with the idea for quite a long time before finally opening my shop in January 2011. I have been creating work for clients since 1998, but finally decided I'd love to reach a larger online market.
I already had a blog ( and had recently started a Facebook page (, so I knew Etsy would be a great addition. I especially love that each site can interconnect with the other. I currently work full time and am taking classes for my Masters in Art Education (bust, busy) so... when those slow down, I know I'll be able to offer an EVEN LARGER variety of items in my shop! I've been VERY pleased with the results so far though! In my first month, with only about 25 items listed, I've already sold 8 items on Etsy. 

What is your favorite item in your shop? Currently, my favorite item is my ""Peas in a Pod" Painting, and it actually seems to be my most popular item so far too (featured in 9 or 10 treasuries!). 

What is your favorite Etsy Shop? Oooo ~ choosing a favorite is so difficult. There are tons of unique shops out there, but I must say I am loving the style and color palette of CORID's shop right now (very spring-feeling)! 

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