Sunday, March 13, 2011

Etsy Shop: Sweet Little Threads

What will I find in your shop: In my shop you will mostly find items for babies and children although sometimes there are things for Mama's too! Currently I am making personalized lovey blankets that come with an applique initial. Those are my most popular item. Blankets are custom made so even though I specialize in lovey sized blankets, I can also make other sizes. I make hair clips and head bands for babies, children, and Mom too! Coming soon...birth announcement blankets. I have one almost finished and it is just precious!!

How did your etsy shop come about: I opened my shop about a year ago, shortly after my second daughter was born. I started making bibs and burp cloths for her and then for friends as baby gifts. They were a HUGE hit. Everyone loved them and suggested that I open my own business or website. I'd always loved Etsy, so I decided Etsy would be the perfect place for me to start out. Sadly, I wasn't able to put the time and effort that I wanted to this past summer and fall because our family moved, but now that we've settled I am really excited to focus more energy on my creations!

What is your favorite item: Right now, my favorite item is my personalized lovey blanket. It is my favorite because it is such a personal gift for a baby! Each blanket has it's own special story and I just love hearing from my clients about why they are purchasing the blanket and who it's for. This particular blanket was purchased for a couple expecting their first baby and the baby was being named after a mother who had passed away. How sweet is this blanket that the J has a heart on it?? It just made my heart melt.

What is your favorite shop: My favorite shop is Veronica's Closet Creations. Her personalized creations for children and babies are to die for. Her closet dividers are the perfect finishing touch to any baby nursery! She has hair bow holders, name plaques, and more! Definitely check it out! She's so talented.

I also love the shop Elmwood Eye Candy. She has some really interesting (and Buffalo, NY inspired!) artwork that I am amazed by.

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