Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Etsy Shop: Tickle Bugz Garden

What will I find in your shop? The collection of things in my shop is always evolving! I started out just making cute little baby girl hair accessories and dresses, but then I figured why not something for us Momma's too? I use a lot of materials that I've collected over the years, cottons, satin, felt, beads, etc. I'm so inspired by the beautiful creations I see other lovely ladies making!

How did you come about opening your shop? I am a graduate student getting my PhD in Microbiology. As you can imagine, it's a pretty technical field and I've always needed a creative outlet. I love to do things with my hands and I really enjoy figuring out how to make something new. I've always made gifts for friends, from baby quilts to purses to bows. This Christmas was the "year of the Hair accessory"! I got a ton of encouragement from my friends and family to open my own shop and support my "habit"! So, I took a leap of faith and launch my shop this past February. It's been a little slow to start. I have a nearly one-year old baby girl who consumes nearly all of my "free time", so in between loads of cloth diapers and making dinner, I try and squeeze in time to make new pretty things for my shop.

What is your favorite item in your shop? Right now, with spring on the horizon, I'm loving color schemes with light grey! I've been using a couple of prints from the Patty Young Sanctuary line and I have a few hair pieces in the shop using that fabric. However, I made a new pillowcase dress that I absolutely love, I loved it so much, I'm making another one for my daughter to wear for Easter!

What is your favorite Etsy Shop? Like I said, I am sooo inspired by what I see others making and selling on Etsy! If I had to pick one, I love TheMonkeyMoos! Her accessories are so beautiful and so intricate! I'll admit, I've spent tons of time just trying to figure out how she makes them!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog!

  2. No problem!
    You guys need to check out Tickle Bugz Garden's blog as well!