Friday, April 15, 2011

Etsy Shop: Stitchin'netka

What will I find in your shop?All the products in my shop are designed and handmade by me. I love sewing and working with fabrics, and most of all I love to create for kids.Currently, you'll find birthday banners made from a great selection of printed fabric, bags made with eco-felt, notebook set with really cute pencils, headbands and bean bag sets. I enjoy working on custom, personalized projects. There is more interaction with my customer and I feel like connecting with a client brings more meaning to my work. I'm finishing up a few new there will be more items showing up in my store. I'm really looking forward expanding my collection. It is very exciting to watch the shop grow.
How did you come about opening your shop?I have been making all sorts of kid related items since I had my first baby, that was 10 years now. I made many banners , bags, blankets, clothing etc. through out out those years, mainly as gifts for friends and family. I always got great feedback about my work and after years of encouragement, finally I decided to open my Etsy shop. It is much easier to concentrate on my work now, since my kids are getting a little older. And they are very excited for my work, and so happy to know that there are kids out there that will enjoy my creations. Besides that, I love the idea of being able to grow an independent business and make something with your own hands is very rewarding
What is your favorite item in your shop?That is a difficult one, I love them all. Each item that I have created has a special place in my heart. However, if I had to choose the notebook set with hand made felt cover and pencils would be at the top of my list. That was a popular design among kids for a very long time, I want one...I'm going to make one just for me. I love the simplicity and vibrant design, as well as practicality of it. 

My second favorite would be the banners. I love playing with different prints and putting them together into one holistic expression. All the banners in my store were created for birthdays of my children and/or cousins, so they have their very own personality. 

Also I really like the recently added Fabric Wish Flags Kit / Inspirational Banner Kit . Every flag on this banner has a space to be filled with wishes,manifestations, blessings. So at the end it is a truly custom product that has a special meaning.

What is your favorite Etsy shop?I love them all...can I say that? Etsy is overloaded with amazing artists and crafters, there is so much inspiration at your finger clicks, it's truly amazing how many creative people you'll find in one place. I have a long list of favorite shops and these would among the top and, but there is way more then that...


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog :).

  2. Great interview! I don't work with fabric but my eye is always drawn to it. I like the variety of colors and designs that you use. :)

  3. What a wonderful interview with stichinnetika, It's always wonderful to find out more about the person behind what they make.

  4. Great interview! Lovely feature :)

  5. I don't have a shop but I do have craft supplys and I craft all the time. Your things are lovely. thanks for sharing. Have a great week. Tink