Thursday, April 7, 2011

Etsy Shop: The 2 Sisters Shoppe

What will I find in your shop?
We make a variety of things. We have glass & crystal beaded jewelry, kindle cases/sleeves, passport holders, t-shirts, stuffed animals, etc. Both of us have unique tastes and talents, therefore we make a wide range of things. If we want something and can make it for ourselves, we will, and we will probably start making it for the shop.

How did your shop start?

In December 2010 I (Amanda) made a crocheted felted purse for a coworker as a secret santa gift. She kept telling me everyone asked where she got it, so I should start selling them. Then me and my sister (Honey) received kindles from our mom for christmas. The kindle covers online were boring and some of them really expensive. I crocheted and felted each of us a case, and again was told to start selling them. When searching the internet for kindle cases, I had stumbled upon Etsy, so after I made ours we decided to open up a shop. Honey makes the jewelry and I make most of the other items.

What is your favorite item?

Honey's favorite item is She recently started branching out in her jewelry and making more intricate pieces. She really loves how this one turned out. One of mine is this shirt. The design was drawn by our brother Vincent and I screen printed it onto the shirt. I think it is fun and full of attitude just like me.

What is your favorite shop?

It is so hard to choose cause there are so many amazing artists and designers on Etsy. If I have to choose one it would probably have to be Darkcycleclothing. I like this shop because they started out small and have built their business into something amazing. Their designs are fun and funky. They are what we aspire to be. 

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